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Patra House
Modern 5,000 sq. ft. town home
Lodha Altia
Warm & cozy 2-bedroom apartment
Gupta House
Plush 2,000 sq. ft. town home
Chandra House
Minimalist 3-bedroom apartment
Townhouse C
3 storey townhouse
Dosti Ambrosia
bespoke 3-bedroom residence
Sampath Worli
Eclectic 4-bedroom apartment
Bandra Apartment
luxury 3-bedroom apartment
Arora Apartment
open planned residence
Apartment A
entertainment area with guest rooms
Batra House
triple-levelled town home
Saraf Farmhouse
holiday villa
SK Bureau Service
corporate office for an HR firm
P & C Legal
corporate law firm office
Parallel Minds
production house office
Ekta World
office & lounge
Ascent Design Lab
International school innovation lab
Hop n Bop
children's soft play zone and activity centre
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